As we fully expected, the election unfolded to the shock of the Liberal Elites. To remind everyone, the Freedom Party did not endorse Hillary Clinton for specific reasons but we did stated (original report provided below) that Ms. Stein, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Trump were qualified. For a complete understanding of the Populist revolt, please read “The Next American Civil War: The Populist Revolt Against the Liberal Elite“, Lee Harris .


As we correctly noted before the election, and what is evident as a Post-Mortem:


  1. The new Far-Left Democrat Party positions are no longer reflective of the Party’s basic beliefs and core values held since 1960 (Kennedy). The Party has “Far Left” its’ base of working class Americans of all faiths, colors, and creeds. Liberal Elites and the new Far-Left Democrat Party believe in: socialism; and, government control and regulation of speech, economy, healthcare, religion, and thought.


  1. The kidnapping of the Democrat Party by “Far Left” Liberal Elites and their exclusion and ridicule of anyone not agreeing with them, resulted in a major political shift: THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS NOW THE PARTY OF RACISM, EXPLOITATION OF THE COMMON PEOPLE, DIVISION AND EXCLUSION, FREE SPEECH INTOLERANCE, AND HATRED.


  1. Hillary Clinton was/is the worst Presidential Candidate since Richard Nixon, and in many regards she was much, much worse than Nixon and certainly worse than Mr. Trump – but the Clinton Machine and the Liberal Elites have kidnapped the Party and THE FIX WAS IN for 2016.


  1. The Liberal Elites are utterly incapable of realizing, much less understanding or accepting, that there are other positions other than theirs – therefore, the failure to elect Hillary Clinton was NOT about them, their behavior, their beliefs, or their actions: it must have been about someone else (the Russians, Director Comey, the stupid “Deplorables”, Racist White People, et al).


On November 21, the Freedom Party reached out to Senator Joe Manchin, D-WV, to offer to assist the fragments of the real Democrat Party to self-assess and develop a Get-Well action plan. Senator Manchin has not, to date, responded. Please note that the Freedom Party endorsed Senator Manchin for President, and had he been nominated he would have been elected in a landslide – of course, he is NOT a Far-Left Liberal Elite so there was no chance of his nomination.


The Freedom Party believes that Senator Manchin and Senator Heitcamp are the two most important Americans in January and February 2017… they are the ones whom John F. Kennedy could write about in PROFILES IN COURAGE. During this period, they will make a decision: to support the Liberal Elites and Party Leaders in their FAR-LEFT CIVIL WAR ON AMERICA; or to have the courage to take and stand and fight back to restore the Democrat Values their Far-Left party.


Make no mistake: the Far-Left Liberal Elites have declared a Civil War against America. Democracy no longer matters. The Rule of Law no longer matters. Anyone who disagrees with the Far-Left Liberal Elites, for whatever reason, shall be attacked verbally and physically.


By March 2017, the Democrat Party will have embarked on a road from which they will not recover. If Senators Manchin and Heitcamp are unwilling to fight for control of the Democrat Party, there will be no hope for a united America, now or in the future.


The single most important thing the Far-Left Liberal Elites don’t realize: if it is ok for their supporters to riot, to vilify opponents, to accept violence, to oppose the other party at every turn, then that becomes the norm for all the future administrations. The Far-Left Liberal Elites are perfectly willing to have America descend into chaos and anarchy, for they intend to grab power then and impose their Will on the masses. But having embraced violence, vilification, and anarchy, the effect on normal Americans (including the 24 million armed Americans) will be that they will do the same thing after the next election to them.


Now is the time for all good men and women, of all races, colors, creeds, ages, and types, to come together and repudiate the Far-Left Liberal Elites and regain control of the Democrat Party – or to leave the Democrat Party to the Far Left Liberal Elites, and join the Freedom Party (normal Democrats), the Green Party (environmentalists), or the Libertarian Party (Far Right).






FREEDOM PARTY POSITION ON 2016 ELECTION (Published October 2016)

The Freedom Party has finished its review of the four Presidential Candidates, and have issued our independent assessment.

2016 is a particularly difficult election to assess because of the poor News Media (we hesitate to call it “News”) bias against all non-Democrat Party candidates.

To be honest and completely open, we have concluded that Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WVA should have been the Democrat Party candidate – who would have drawn our support and likely endorsement.  But as the Democratic Party DNC emails have shown: the Fix was in.



Unfortunately, the Party nominated Ms. Clinton.   We have independently concluded:

  • Ms. Clinton has intentionally lied to Congress and the People (Classified E-Mails; Benghazi video), and cannot be trusted to tell the truth.


  •  Mr. and Ms. Clinton had an income greater than $38,000,000 in 2015, yet both were unemployed.  Ms. Clinton apparently used her office as Secretary of State for personal monetary gain.  This “Pay-to-Play” is the most serious violation of ethics in US History.  Ms. Clinton knew or should have known these actions are illegal.


  • Besides the “pay-to-play” aspect, the Clinton Foundation also raised Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from countries who murder LGBTs and abuse of Women.  And the Foundation apparently paid out less than 25% in raised “ear-marked” contributions for the Haitian Earthquake Relief while keeping about 75% for the Foundation.  The Foundation is clearly not humanitarian.


  • Ms. Clinton’s, as Senator and Secretary of State, performed poorly.  She did not distinguished herself with any major legislation or Treaty/Negotiation success; she had numerous disastrous failures, notably Libya and the Iran Nuclear Treaty.


  • Ms. Clinton admits to serious health issues affecting her brain.  She stated to the FBI that after her fall she can’t remember important things.  She is in failing physical health/stamina.  She admitted to a brain “short-circuit”.


Clearly, Citizens cannot trust Ms. Clinton, knowing she lies and has memory problems.  If we cannot trust her, it is a valid concern that if she lies/short-circuits to Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, or Ali Khamenei, it could start a NUCLEAR WAR.


We believe Ms. Clinton is such a disreputable candidate that the Democrat Leadership should be ashamed.  The only votes she will get will be from “Team Democrats” who would literally vote Democrat NO MATTER WHAT.  We conclude that Ms. Clinton should not be elected based on her failures of Honesty, Integrity, and an inability to collaborate with anyone who is not a Far Left Liberal/Progressive.


Lastly, if you could travel through space and time, to a Duplicate Earth, absolutely identical in all respects (people, places, history) to our current Earth, with only one exception: Hillary Clinton was a REPUBLICAN who served as Secretary of State under the Bush Administration and was now running for President as a Republican with an absolutely identical record of documented lying to Congress and the American people, and the personal abuse of power & pay-to-play of her “Foundation” – Can anyone honestly admit that the news media and the Democrat Party Leadership would think she is a qualified candidate?




Mr. Trump is certainly an outsider, who does not use Politically Correct speech, and who has alienated the Far Left Liberals/Progressives and the Far Right Neo-Cons.  Perhaps for those reasons alone, he is worthy of consideration and election.

We have concluded based on facts that Mr. Trump is not a Racist, nor is he a Fascist.  Those charges are baseless and demean Democrats.  Mr. Trump has an excellent record on Women’s Issues (i.e., equal pay for equal work occurs in his Business).  Mr. Trump is brutally honest and does not “sugar coat” or “pander to” groups.  That is viewed as both a strength and a weakness.

We have concluded that Mr. Trump’s main focus on JOBS and FULL EMPLOYMENT through growth in the Private Sector is the most important differentiation in his candidacy, and makes him worthy of consideration and election.

Mr. Trump’s outsider status is a weakness in International Politics, yet many such Presidents have been successful (i.e., Reagan).  His business experience, however, is impressive and could be important in restoring the economy.

Mr. Trump’s negotiating positions on immigration, trade, and foreign policy are Populist positions and likely to be modified somewhat if he is elected.  His outreach to address Inner City unemployment and crime, was unexpected of a Republican.  His “Pro-American” focus reflects the values of main-stream citizens.  His support of the LBGT Community was also unexpected of a Republican.

We believe that Mr. Trump’s Populist appeal is genuine, he is qualified, and that he is a viable candidate.



The Libertarian Party is seeing a larger than normal surge in support.  We conclude there are two reasons for this new support: (1) the “fix” against Sen. Bernie Sanders has attracted many disenfranchised Democrats; and (2) the “News” media attacks and disinformation against the Republican candidate.

Mr. Johnson is a viable candidate who is very similar to  Mr. Trump in most political views.

Mr. Johnson differs from Mr. Trump in several areas: immigration (vague); border security (would not secure the border); legalize Marijuana; legalize prostitution; and blames the high incarceration rate on the legal system.

Mr. Johnson is similar to Mr. Trump in that both have no foreign policy experience, but like Mr. Trump that could be an asset.  However, Mr. Johnson has not been as aggressive in supporting trade reform.  Mr. Johnson’s positions are available on his website:


We believe that Mr. Johnson is qualified and that he is a viable candidate.  However, because of the Constitutional role of the Electoral College and the fact that he is NOT leading in a single state, there is currently virtually zero chance of him being elected.  We suggest Libertarian voters consider voting for Mr. Trump (who have more similarities than any of the other candidates) IF Mr. Johnson’s November 1 poll numbers indicate he cannot carry several States.



The Green Party is, similar to the Libertarian Party, with Ms. Stein’s appeal coming from: (1) the “fix” against Sen. Bernie Sanders which has attracted many disenfranchised Democrats; and (2) the “News” media attacks and disinformation against the Republican candidate.

Ms. Stein is a viable candidate who is very similar to Sen. Bernie Sanders on a wide range of issues.  Ms. Stein’s positions are essentially Socialist, wanting large government, and more taxes and spending.  Ms. Stein’s positions are succinctly stated on her website:


As a physician, Ms. Stein is like Mr. Trump in being a political outsider and her outsider status is a weakness in International Politics, yet many such Presidents have been successful (i.e., Reagan).

Ms. Stein’s positions are unique and are representative of her constituents.  As such, we encourage Ms. Stein to aggressively campaign and to continue to build her party.  It is likely that disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters can “send a strong message” to the Democrat Party by supporting Ms. Stein.


The Freedom Party Bio Pages discusses why we embrace many Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.  It is fine to be a liberal or a conservative, provided you are respectful of other positions, and can work together to create good laws.

The Freedom Party would provide the following quote as the greatest single malignant statement made by a politician:

“We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It” – Nancy Peolsi, March 9, 2010

The Freedom Party has created the following list of the Noteworthy (Good) and Bad.  We sincerely hope that voters will stop electing ideologues who only follow party loyalty at the expense of American citizens.


NOTEWORTHY SENATE:  Marco Rubio (FL); Joe Heck (NV); Tim Scott (SC); Shelly Capito (WV); Kelly Ayott (NH); Mark Kirk (IL)


NOTEWORTHY HOUSE: Ron DeSantis (FL); Raul Labrador (IN); Trey Gowdy (SC); Mia Love (UT); Chris Gibson (NY)



NOTEWORTHY SENATE:  Joe Donnelly (IN);  Claire McCaskill (MO);  Joe Manchin (WV); Heidi Heitkamp (ND); Jon Tester (MT); Michael Bennet (CO)

BAD SENATE:  Ed Markey (MA); Elizabeth Warren (MA); Al Franken (MN)

NOTEWORTHY HOUSE: Collin Peterson (MN); Jim Cooper (TN); Raul Grijalva (AZ); Peter DeFazio (OR); Donald Norcross (NJ); Tulsi Gabbard (HI); Kyrsten Sinema (AZ); Brad Ashford (NE); Henry Cueller (TX)

BAD HOUSE:  Nancy Pelosi (CA); Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL); Kathleen Rice (NY); Susan Davis (CA); Elijah E. Cummings (MD); Maxine Watters (CA)


NOTEWORTHY SENATE:  Bernie Sanders (VT) [* Represents his positions well, works with others, unique perspectives – ON PROBATION: APPEARS TO HAVE SOLD OUT (BRIBED) TO DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERSHIP]