Propaganda” is defined as:

Propaganda is information, especially of a biased nature, used to promote or publicise a particular political cause or point of view. Propaganda is often associated with the psychological mechanisms of influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward a specific cause, position or political agenda in an effort to form a consensus to a standard set of belief patterns.
Propaganda is information that is not impartial and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented. –


Propaganda can inflame citizens to make poor decisions, or to blind them to facts.  Propaganda enables  citizens to be controlled and manipulated. Propaganda is often repeated so much that it becomes accepted simply “because everyone knows it, so it must be true.”  Facts and History which disprove the Propaganda are ignored.  Breaking through Propaganda is a difficult.




  • The Klu Klux Klan organization espouses violence and murder against some citizens.  KKK members/sympathizers have murdered and assaulted innocent citizens.  Therefore, they are a despicable, terrorist organization.
  • The Black Lives Matters organization espouses violence and murder against some citizens.  BLM members/sympathizers have murdered and assaulted innocent citizens.  Therefore, they are: ?

However, Far-Left Liberals/Progressives and the “News Media” accept and tacitly approve of BLM terrorism because some of their grievances appear valid; specifically that Inner City Citizens are killed by police and are incarcerated at a higher rate.


BUT are their grievances based in fact?


Certainly, police do shoot Hispanics, Whites, et al., and each group can be statistically evaluated for “raw data”.  However, what is usually missing from  “propaganda statistics” is the fact that our Inner Cities have disparate MASSIVE unemployment and over-population – two major contributors to increased MASSIVE CRIME.


The Freedom Party has independently researched the following video (we are unaffiliated and have no communication with and have confirmed the data and statistical data (which is based on publically available Department of Justice  and Census Bureau data).  We suggest all Citizens view the video:


It should be kept in mind by Far-Left Liberals/Progressives, that Citizens who have been deceived by their Propaganda, once they learn the truth, are often angry and outraged against those with whom they were once aligned.


Another example of how Propaganda has been used historically, and very effectively, is illustrated in another video (Mr. Whittle admits he is a Republican) in explaining why “Republicans Are Evil and Racists”.  We suggest all Citizens view the video:


The Freedom Party believes that while Racism does exist, it is the responsibility of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, who are honest and have integrity, to work collaboratively to address the ROOT CAUSE of the problems we discuss THE FREEDOM PARTY ISSUE: INNER CITIES.




Everyone believes our 2016 High School graduates are the best educated of all time.  We probably believe it because every Administration in the last 60 years repeats it, so it must be so!


Imagine if such were not the case – that in fact, our High School Graduates, as measured by the annual Scholastic Aptitude Test since 1960 showed declining education?


One of the most “hidden” graphs ever produced can be found here:


As you can see, test scores (indicative of the quality of education) peaked in 1966-1968.




Many issues are very complex and require significant thought before before fully understanding  the issue or concluding the correct path forward.  There are two excellent books, both by author Lee Harris, we would recommend:

  To understand ISLAM and why the Neo-Cons got the Gulf War wrong:

   To understand POPULISM and why the Republican Party and the Neo-Cons, and the Democrat Party and the Progressives, got blindsided by Mr. Trump and Sen. Sanders:




Using misinformation and selective statistics can prohibit Citizens of all races, colors, creeds, sexual preferences, and ages, from making informed conclusions and decisions.  When supported and broadcast by national “News Media”, it becomes very effective Propaganda.

The Government certainly does not want to be accountable: the WHite House has a Secretary of the Press; Congress and each Government Agency produces “White Papers” and “Press Releases” extolling the success of every endeavor and demeaning anyone/anything not concluding the same; and our “News Media” selectively edit and promote materials presented based on their personal perspective.

Yes, Walter Cronkite has left the building…