2nd American Civil War Update

As we noted on February 10, 2017, America began the SECOND AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: A War Between the Populists and the Liberal Elites.


It is now six months into the War, and this provides our second update (first update was May 23).


The standoff continues as the Washington Power Establishment and the Liberal Elites have come together to create a situation against the Populists similar to the First World War – trench warfare where both sides are “stuck” and unable to make any significant advances. In short, only America loses from the current stalemates.


Let us remind ourselves and agree upon the following:


  • No sane Democrat supports sanctuary status for violent criminal illegal aliens.


Liberal elites lie about Trump’s “criminal focus” policies, which are actually the same policies that Hillary Clinton proposed in the last week of her campaign.


  • No sane Democrat supports refugee admissions without a thorough vetting process, which is not possible in some countries where the civil war has impacted their government’s ability to process/identify even their own citizens.


Liberal elites lie about Trump’s “refugee” policies, which are actually the same policies that Hillary Clinton proposed in the last week of her campaign.  If President Trump had proposed a “Muslim Ban”, it would have included over 32 additional countries!



  • No sane Republican, nor Trump, supports the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or White Extremists nor condones the violence of Charlottesville.


Liberal media distorts and lies about Trump’s denunciations of extremism.  President Trump’s statements are virtually identical to denunciations used by DEMOCRATS, almost word-for-word!


  • No sane Democrat supports the assassination attempt on 20+ Congressional Republicans by a Bernie Sanders/Democrat.


Liberal media and Liberal Elites downplayed the story as a “lone wolf” but Democrat lawmakers were largely silent making no denunciations or worse, they attempted to blame Trump.


  • No sane Republican (including Trump) or Democrat wants the Affordable Care Act to implode.


Liberal Elites refuse to neither work with nor discuss solutions with Republicans – just as they did when the ACA was passed initially (didn’t work out well for anyone did it, as the ACA is neither Affordable due to high premiums nor Care due to high deductibles).






In the near future:


  1. The Democrats aided by a few Washington Power Republicans will sabotage all efforts for taxes, budget, immigration, and health care legislation.


  1. The Liberal Elites and their Liberal Media Propaganda machine will incite violence by lying that “people will die”.


  1. The Liberal Elites and their Liberal Media Propaganda machine will incite racial unrest and violence by allowing criminal illegal gangs (MS13 et al) to keep death tolls climbing in major cities, drugs pouring into the country through the porous border wall, and blaming all violence exclusively on Republicans, Trump, and White Supremacists.


  1. The Liberal Elites and their Liberal Media Propaganda machine will call Trump and Republicans RACISTS and MURDERERS, and continue to call for ACTION against the government. As previously noted, trying to overthrow the duly elected government is, in fact, Treason – whether it is Trump, Obama, Clinton, or Lincoln.



The net effect of these actions will be a “MASSIVE CORRECTION IN THE STOCK MARKET” that will effect job employment numbers and tax revenues – no money, no progress, more unrest.


Unfortunately, Liberal Elites and their Liberal Media Propaganda machine do not understand the building pressure they are exerting on America:


  • When 60% of the population is “racist” simply because they are white…


  • When police “wake up” and realize they do not get paid enough for the potential to be murdered simply because they are a police officer (Prediction: expect Police Unions to propose to refuse to patrol certain areas in large cities – would YOU be a policeman in Chicago?)…


  • When “hate speech” is anything that is not Liberal Elite speech…


  • When 50% of the population is deemed “deplorable” and “too stupid” to govern themselves because they voted for Trump…


  • When Christians are demeaned, defamed, ridiculed, and defiled…


  • When LGBTQ embraces/marches against “Islamophobia”, when the LGBTQ community SHOULD be Islamophobic and only Trump is supporting immigration criteria where “ability to accept our values” (such as full rights for LGBTQ citizens) is considered.


  • When you can burn the flag but not a cross (ever consider that the flag drapes the coffin of fallen soldiers and is folded and given to the widows and sons/mothers/fathers – perhaps some people view burning/disrespecting the flag as egregious as burning a cross by an insane moron – perhaps both are equally reprehensible)…



America desperately needs another Dr. Martin Luther King to move us upwards and not downwards, to teach us love and not hate, to teach us that more unites us than divides us, and especially:


In a 1958 interview, King said “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”



The time is coming when the Divisions of the Country, inflamed by the Elite Liberals and News Media will be too deep to overcome, we desperately need to stop the Hate-Trump talk, and start focusing on actual solutions to our problems…


President Trump is NOT the problem, anymore than President Obama was the problem… Distorting and lying about what he says (even if you simply disagree with any of his positions) is no justification for destroying America.


If Democrats would follow Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) instead of Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Watters, AMERICA would be the winner…


Sadly, the Liberal Elites continue the Second American Civil War…