Democrat Party Subverted – The Big Lie Exposed

As explained in the Freedom Party biography, the Liberal Far-Left Elites/Progressives have STOLEN the Democratic Party.  The Democrat Party no longer represent the vast majority of blue-collar, working class voters.  Being a “moderate” in the Democrat Party is no longer allowed; being an “American” in the Democrat Party is no longer allowed.


The following two news articles, which were issued prior to the “Hillary Clinton debacle” clearly document that the Democrat Party has “LEFT” their principles and the Party of John and Robert Kennedy is gone:


Adam Walinsky, who worked for John and Robert Kennedy:


Andrew Stein, New York Democrat Party Leader:


Fundamentally, everything most people think about the Liberal Elite/Progressive Neo-Democrats is actually backwards. The “Great Lie” has been accomplished through the Democrat Party propaganda machine (Far Left News Media) by their overthrow of our Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press.


In the “Great Lie”, Elites/Progressives have successfully segregated America into smaller, manageable voting blocks that can be controlled and manipulated:


  • Black America – Strategy is to keep Blacks segregated in Inner Cities where there are NO JOBS so the majority of Inner City Blacks are dependent on the Democrat Party.  Also, Liberal Elites/Progressives perpetuate a “fog of war” where Blacks are told they are victimized and repressed by Wall Street, the Police, and Republicans who are all RACISTS!


  • Latino America – Strategy is to embrace illegal immigration and open borders, and tell Latinos that Republicans are RACISTS!


  • Elderly America – Strategy is to tell the Elderly that Republicans will take away Social Security and Medicare (all the while the Liberals steal from the Social Security Trust fund), and that Republicans are FASCISTS!


  • Working Class America – Strategy is to tell the Working Class that Wall Street and the “Rich” are victimizing Unions and working people, and that Republicans are FASCISTS!


  • Millennials – Strategy is to tell young Americans that Wall Street and the Rich are victimizing young voters by not providing FREE COLLEGE, and that Republicans are EVIL because they are RACISTS, FASCISTS, and HATEFUL, and that the Rich are not paying their FAIR SHARE!


  • WOMEN – Strategy is to blame Republicans for the Gender Gap in wages and create the myth of a WAR ON WOMEN that the Republicans are conducting!



In truth, the Strategies listed above are brilliant and working to perfection! The strategies above DIVIDE America into manageable bite-sized political chunks that can be easily controlled by the Liberal Far Left Propaganda Machine. These strategies are particularly brilliant because the Liberal Elites/Progressives actually believe the opposite, but realize that they cannot maintain POWER without the FICTION of the “Great Lie”.


It must also be noted that Elites/Progressives are aided, and could not succeed, if it was not for the internal “fifth column” (to their respective causes).  For example, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are very wealthy clergymen who have made an extremely lucrative living (Millionaires) by exploiting (versus solving) issues of the poor.


The INCONVENIENT TRUTH about the “Great Lie” is as follows:



  • Black America“Give a man a fish, feed him for a Day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a Lifetime!” The past 8 years have seen MASSIVE, increasing unemployment in the Inner Cities. Liberal Elites/Progressives do not admit this problem because it allows the “Great Lie” to continue – forcing generations of Blacks to become dependent on the Government and to become easily manipulated to believe RACISTS are the real problem.  Also, Inner City schools do not adequately educate students and Liberal Elites/Progressives do not support school choice. Lastly, Liberal Elites/Progressives refuse to address the culture of VIOLENT CRIME ACCEPTANCE in the inner cities, and how that culture produces disproportionate levels of crime, violence, and the number of criminals in these Inner Cities. The Freedom Party has strong support for, and a plan to address, the INNER CITIES.


  • Latino America – 86% of Latinos are Catholic, with strong religious beliefs and family values. Latino employment is very high because WORK is a cultural priority.  Liberal Elites/Progressives only avenue of control is to ignore the rule of Law and non-enforcement of existing Laws, so they can manipulate people to believe anyone wanting CONTROLLED, LEGAL immigration is a RACIST!  Worse, under the Obama Administration, INS failed to promptly process the legal immigration status applications from MILLIONS of Mexican immigrants!  The Freedom Party has strong support for, and a plan to address, IMMIGRATION.


  • Elderly America, Working Class America, Millennials “Fascist: authoritarian goals of creating a regulated economic structure to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture; and a political aesthetic of romantic symbolism, mass mobilization, a positive view of violence, and promotion of masculinity, youth and charismatic leadership.” –  Liberal  Elites/Progressives wish to expand government to regulate all social and economic conditions, accept and encourage violence against “Trump Supporters”, embrace and promote Hollywood’s “beautiful people” and Far Left Liberal Elites.  The Freedom Party has strong support for, and plans to address, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Social Security, and Education.


  • WOMEN“ENABLER: describe dysfunctional behavior approaches that are intended to help resolve a specific problem but in fact may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem. A common theme of enabling in this latter sense is that third parties take responsibility or blame, or make accommodations for a person’s harmful conduct (often with the best of intentions, or from fear or insecurity which inhibits action). The practical effect is that the person himself or herself does not have to do so, and is shielded from awareness of the harm it may do, and the need or pressure to change. Enabling in this sense is a major environmental cause of addiction.” –   The Liberal Elites/Progressives, aided by the News Media Propaganda Machine, completely ignore that Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator, and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party leadership are his ENABLERs who lied about and smeared his victims. Embracing and/or supporting a sexual predator and his enabler is simply: despicable. Equal pay and child care legislation have, in fact, been supported by Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and the Green Party – a fact ignored or manipulated by the News Media Propaganda Machine.





  1. As Attorney General, Robert Kennedy would have prosecuted and imprisoned Bill Clinton for being a sexual predator, and prosecuted and imprisoned Hillary Clinton for (a) lying to Congress, (b) forwarding Classified Information via unsecured server, and for (c) using her office as Secretary of State for “pay-to-play”.


  1. As Presidents, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy would never have allowed the News Media to become a propaganda machine for any political party.


  1. As Presidents, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy would never have allowed our Freedom of Speech to be restricted or controlled by encouraging and/or promulgating “Political Correctness”, “Hate Speech”, and “Safe Zones”.


  1. As America’s Most Respected Citizen, Dr. Martin Luther King would have been outraged at the manipulation by Liberal Elites/Progressives of Inner City citizens by keeping them unemployed and poorly educated.  Dr. King would have rejected the violence and malevolence of BLACK LIVES MATTER, and the Elite/Progressive RACIST smear tactics. Dr. King would have worked tirelessly to overcome the culture of violence and acceptance of crime in the Inner Cities. Dr. King would have judged Bill and Hillary Clinton not “… by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”